The founders

Arushi & Gabriel: We met in Australia during our student years and moved to Paris in 2012 to get married. As a married couple, we live in Paris and travel regularly to India for both business and pleasure.
Arushi, Indian from Delhi, I work in the fashion-retail industry in Paris
Gabriel, French Parisian, I work in Social Networks.

The story

Living in France and traveling regularly to India, we found many gems and started matching the “Indian look” with the typical “Parisian Style” both for our home and ourselves. The idea of a brand that would unite these two cultures came into being and we now want to share our first gems with both.

The label

We wanted to share with European audiences the intricate work and craftsmanship of the North Indian culture and with Indian audiences the way to use this cratsmanship in a modern way.

Hand Crafted Kashmiri throws and “carrés” with French aesthetics developed with both European and Indian cultures in mind.

It’s a unique combination of modern designs with old techniques and craftsmanship of Kashmir, the oldest shawl making industry.

A diminishing craft, we wish to use this specific local know-how to transform the pure material that is cashmere into pieces, which are both modern and “intemporel” (timeless).