We have used machine spun yarn, which is later woven into the fabric by machine. It’s Diamond weave; an original Kashmiri weave known as ‘Chasm-e-Bulbul’ which translates into ‘Eye of the Nightingale’. 

Scarves Darjeeling Limited (her) and Golden Eagle (him), 70 x 200 cm, 100% Merino Wool

The colours are added to the stole using a traditional technique and entirely hand based. Half the scarf is first dyed and then the other half. To create the colour, the dyer puts in the correct mix of dyes to get the desired shade. This is then placed in a copper pot with boiling water. Once the first colour mixture is placed in the pot half the scarf is held by hand and slowly moved until the desired colour is achieved. The dyes used are all non-toxic German dyes. The same process is repeated for the other half of the scarf lending it the dual colour look that it has. The total process of adding the colour itself is one hour in this case.