Cashmere wool that we have used is called Pashmina, this textile was first woven in Kashmir, India. Pashmina goat also called Changthangi sheds its winter coat every spring, the fibre it sheds is collected by combing the goat and not by shearing. This raw pashmina wool is then hand processed.

The scarf is hand woven into twill weave on a traditional Kashmiri handloom; It is a slow weaving process – almost an art – a symphony of sorts wherein fine yarns from the finest Cashmere known to man is carefully woven into soft, warm and long lasting fabric.

Colours are carefully chosen and placed onto the scarf using a hand based technique wherein a special screen is made for each colour and using a time-honoured method, a specialized craftsmen slowly places each colour onto the scarf, one after the other until that all sit next to each other in the geometric layout which is the foundation of our design philosophy.