Our Woodblock printing is done on 100% cotton fabric; our scarves are made in Kerala in the South of India. Our designs bring a minimal, contemporary European summer aesthetic to a traditional Indian technique. Woodblock printing is the earliest, simplest and slowest of all methods of textile printing. Block printing by hand is a slow process. It is, however, capable of yielding highly artistic results.

Pineapple scarf Red, 88 x 88 cm, 100% Cotton

The wooden block is made from locally sourced wood and carved with the required design in very precise detail by highly trained artisans. Then the carved block is carefully pressed on a sieve, and, as the different parts of its pattern fall on different parts of the sieve, each takes up a certain colour that it transfers to the cloth in the usual way. By this method of tobying patterns are created on the fabric.

Summer Crab scarf Green, 88 x 88 cm, 100% Cotton